Do you have a tree that you want to cut? Tree cutting is a very dangerous job. Never try it unless you know what you’re doing. You don’t just need an axe to cut trees. You need adequate knowledge and experience, not to mention the right equipment to do the job.

Your safety and the security of your property are among the most important things to consider when cutting down trees. Professionals actually do a lot of planning before they do anything. For one, they apply the right cutting technique so that the tree will fall exactly as intended.

Hire Arborists for Tree Cutting Services

While arborists don’t really recommend cutting trees unless it is the last resort, they are the people whom you should call to handle the job. They can help you in making sure that everybody’s safety is assured throughout the project. They also have the tools needed to do things right.

Tree cutting is not a one-man job. Depending on the size of the tree, several tree experts have to work together to carry out the job safely. Aside from that, all equipment that will be used should be in the best condition. The more mature the tree to be removed is, the riskier the job becomes.

Tools Needed for the Job

Professional tree cutters will come to your place equipped with the following tools to provide you with the service. The list below includes some of the equipment that they need.

1. Chain Saw

A high-grade chain is required to get the job done. Ideally, it should have a 20-inch bar and run on 3.5 horsepower. A 20-inch bar length is usually enough to cut down mature trees. Equipment with such power should be handled only by a person with the experience in doing so.

2. Safety Glasses

Safety glasses are very important when cutting trees. As a matter of fact, no one should cut trees without wearing them. Cutting trees with a chain saw would cause a lot of wood debris to fly about. Such debris can get into your eyes and hurt them.

3. Leg Protection

Leg protection is actually for the chain saw. You never know if there are any hard bunches in the tree that could cause the saw to kick and hit your leg. So, you won’t get injured, be sure to wear knee-high safety boots or heavy leg defenders.

4. Test Rope

Test ropes are used for safety in case there are problems along the way. The test rope must be three times longer than the height of the tree. It should also be tied in the right places to brace the fall of the tree in case things didn’t go as planned.

As you can see, tree cutting is more complicated than you thought it was. So never regard it as a DIY project, no matter how small or young the tree is. It’s always best to let the professionals handle it for your own safety. If you need Savannah tree cutting services, call the experts right away.